single-perspective treatments

 single-perspective treatments

a personality disorder is defined a a disorder characterized by impairments in identify, in personality traits, and in___________


·         the establishment of empathy an intimacy


which o the following is a cognitive explanation for Jims general anxiety disorder (GAD)


·         jim feels that worrying prevents bad things from happening


which of the following statements is true regarding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


fewer than 40% of surveyed pediatricians reported using the DSM criteria to evaluate cases of ADHD


dr. moran believes that depression is purely the result the of chemical imbalances of the brain and that a simple prescription should address each of his patents needs. this sing-perspective thinking usually leads to __________


·         single-perspective treatments


panic disorder is more common in children who have experienced parental loss or separation and in adults who have recently experienced significant, stressful life events. these are _______ explanations


·         social


in orer to understand the reciprocal relationships between factors that lead to psychological disorders, which is the most helpful perfective?


·         intergrated


what kind of obsessions are involved in obsessive-complulive disorder?


·         intrusive


when compared to normal non-autistic controls, those with autism spectrum disorder have been found to have smaller mini columns in the cerebral cortex. related to information processing, smaller mini columns _________


·         favor the process of discrimination


who of the following is among. group that seems to have a disproportionate risk for bipolar disorder?


·         Angelina jolie, an actress


Alice experienced a period of confusion as to who she was during this time she traveled from Boston to New York under the game of Agatha Christie. this is an example of ______


·         dissociative fugue

possibly the most controversial of the dissociative disorders is the dissociative identity disorder, which was previously known as __________


·         multiple personality disorder


body dysmorphic disorder shows a significant influence of __________


·         heredity


the pediatrician tells Dannys mother that his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is due to underactivity of specific neurotransmitters in his brain. which approach to psychological disorders does this exemplify?


·         biological


what is the ratio of women to men affected by bipolar disorder?


·         3 to 2


Denise admired her boss greatly at first. they had an intense and productive working relationship, which then turned volatile. Denise exhibited episodes fo anger and self destructive behaviors at work, and was asked to leave. she found another job, but the same pattern caused her to lose that position as well. what personality disorder best fits Denises behavioral patterns?


·         borderline personality disorder


according to the diathesis-stress model, a psychological disorder such as depression might caused by stress interacting with which of the following?


·         an individuals biological predispositionpredesposition


Kevin is a graduate student in psychology and is fascinated by the topic of psychological disorders. He wants to study why they occur and how he, as a future therapist, can help restore healthy psychological functioning in the who suffer from those conditions. Kevin should probably focus on __________ psychology.


·         Abnormal


People with panic disorder have larger quantities of orexins than people without the disorder, which may lead to panic attacks. Orexins play an important role in __________.


·         Wakefulness, vigilance, and appetite


a biological bridge between the experience of stress, circadian rhythms, and the development of depression is from by horned released at time of stress, including ________.


·         cortisol


professor Hal is giving a surprise test in economics class. all other things being equal, which of the following students is most likely to make the most errors on this exam?

·         Lorena, who is depressed that her boyfriend broke up wit her and cannot stop thinking about how awful she feels


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