PHI 302 Week 6 Discussion | Wilmington University

PHI 302  Week 6 Discussion | Wilmington University

Week 6 Discussion

Read the Following and Carefully Respond:

Consider the videos on the topic of climate change provided in the week 6 readings and resources section. After watching these short videos, and in consideration of our chapter readings, what moral obligations, if any, do we have to nature?

Before submitting your discussion post, please remember the following:

Each discussion board is worth 10 points, earned through making at least 5 total posts (2 points per post). Only on-time posts may earn credit:

·         Your initial post is due by Wednesday, 11:59pm EST and should be about one paragraph in length. This post responds to the question posted.

·         Your additional 4 posts are made as replies to your classmates. These posts are due by Sunday, 11:59pm EST.

·         These replies may be shorter than one paragraph, but should be more substantial than simply "I agree," "me too," "I disagree," "you're wrong," etc.

·         Discussion board posts may not be completed late for any reason.


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