PHI 302 Week 7 Assignment | Wilmington University

PHI 302  Week 7 Assignment | Wilmington University

Week 7 Professional Ethics Project: Submission

WU RELEASE STATEMENT: The material submitted for this assignment may be screened by the student and/or the instructor for similarity of content by Canvas TurnitIn feature. The purpose of this feature is to help educate the student about the proper citation of borrowed content and to protect the student against plagiarism. The submitted material will be checked against academic databases, internet documents, and student papers from both Wilmington University and other institutions. The final draft of submitted material will become part of the Wilmington University database. The student may also voluntarily submit the material to the TurnitIn Global Reference Database, which helps to protect the originality of the student’s work across institutions. For more information about plagiarism and citation conventions, please reference Academic Integrity PolicyLinks to an external site.

For the final assignment, due in Week 7, you will write a 3-5 page essay on the topic of professional ethics.  The project requires you to recognize the principles associated with a breach of ethics demonstrated through a form of media (Example: a movie, TV show, book, newspaper, magazine article, podcast, news, and/or feature stories). This assignment is designed to span a full block or semester class. 
 It cannot be accomplished in one week, so plan ahead and begin immediately. 

·         This is an assignment in which you will work to recognize and analyze ethical dilemmas.

·         Understanding ethics is a graduation competency at Wilmington University.

·         This assignment requires students to think about their growth and development in understanding ethics and seeing professions from multiple perspectives.


Write a 3-5 page essay describing an ethical dilemma for a person working in your desired profession, depicted in a form of media.


·         You might select a movie  to discuss ethical dilemmas of a psychologist. 

·         A newspaper article might be used to discuss ethical dilemmas faced by a counselor.

·         Or, a podcast  discuss  the ethical dilemmas of an attorney.


Writing the Paper:

Describe the ethical dilemma in which the real, or fictitious, professional(s) is/are involved.
Relate the questions below to the code of ethics of your chosen profession (see your Week 4 essay):

·         What actions did the person take?

·         Were those actions within the profession’s code of ethics?  The code of ethics must be cited.

·         What actions could the person have taken to remain within the profession’s code of ethics?  The code of ethics must be cited.

·         How can and does the profession respond to ethical misconduct among its membership?  The code of ethics must be cited.

·         Using at least two theories presented in the textbook, explain how each theory would view the ethical dilemmas and the actions taken by the real, or fictitious, professional(s).

This essay should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced, have one-inch margins, and follow APA style formatting requirements (A title page, in-text citations, and a reference page should be included).

Submission Checklist
Listed below is a checklist that can be followed to insure that all of the necessary components for your Graduation Competency # 4 assignment are included. 

·         Is the title page in accordance with APA style, as defined by APA Manual (7th Ed.)?

·         Does the media source that was used present an ethical dilemma for the chosen profession?

·         Have all 5 questions noted above been addressed within the essay?

·         Are the breaches of ethics analyzed through the lens of two ethical theories as presented in the textbook or other scholarly source included and cited in the essay?

·         Has the code of ethics presented in week 4 been cited in the essay?

·         Is the title page presented according to the APA Manual?

·         Are in-text citations presented according to APA style?

·         Is the reference page properly formatted according to APA style requirements?

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