PHI 302 Week 7 Quiz | Wilmington University

PHI 302  Week 7 Quiz | Wilmington University

Question 1

A moral system needs to deal consistently with 

·         all human beings exclusively.  

·         particular human beings exclusively.  

·         the universal and the particular together.  

·         none of the above.


 Question 2

Because everyone is different people must have some leeway to deal with these differences in a way that best suits them. This is the Principle of  

·         Goodness.  

·         Individual Freedom.  

·         Self-Interest.  

·         Justice.


Question 3

If you value a range of different goods you are a(n)  

·         empiricist.  

·         monist.  

·         hedonist.  

·         pluralist.


Question 4

Putting the moral principles together forms a system called  

·         Utilitarian ethics.  

·         Situationist ethics.  

·         Retributivist ethics.  

·         Humanitarian ethics.


Question 5

The basic assumptions or premises of a morality ought to include some reference to  

·         reason.  

·         animals.  

·         love.  

·         music.


Question 6

The most basic empirical principle of the system developed here is the  

·         Principle of Justice.  

·         Principle of Freedom.  

·         Principle of Life.  

·         Principle of Honesty.


Question 7

The most basic logical principle of the moral system developed here is the  

·         Principle of Self-interest.  

·         Principle of Goodness.  

·         Principle of the Golden Rule.  

·         Principle of Free Love.


Question 8

The principles can be classified into __________ general categories. 

·         three  

·         two  

·         four  

·         five


Question 9

To be applicable morals should be capable of being

·         agreed upon by everyone.  

·         agreed upon by a select few.  

·         agreed upon by no one.  

·         agreed upon by some and taught to others.


Question 10

What, according to the author, are some of the basic conflicting moral issues that need to be synthesized into one system? 

·         pleasure and happiness 

·         love and passion  

·         feelings and emotions  

·         consequentialism and nonconsequentialism

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