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PSY 101 Week 7 Assignment 2 | Wilmington University

Week 7 Career Project: Final Paper

College level grammar is required. Basic APA format should be followed. This includes a cover sheet, page numbers, page headers, a paper title, page margins, indentation, font, and font size. No abstract or references section is necessary. Please see the attached rubric for more grading details. This assignment is due Sunday by 11:59 pm EST. 


The following content must be covered:

1.    List and define your career area of choice. (1 paragraph)

2.    Based on your research, choose 3 of the ways in which psychological concepts relate to this career. Provide a brief description of the concept and explain how it is used in your future career. (3 paragraphs)

3.    Based on the previous section of this project, choose 2 of the ways in which this course has prepared you for this career. Be specific in your response and be sure to use examples (2 paragraphs)

4.    Provide a conclusion paragraph to summarize your paper.

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