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BUS 206 Week 4 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | southern-new-hampshire-university

4-1 Discussion


Choose one of the options below for discussion. Be sure to elaborate and explain.

·         Show Me My Money (Reisenfeld & Company v. The Network Group Inc., p. 321)

Why does the court see this case as involving a quasi-contract as opposed to an actual contract? What other case law does the court rely on in finding precedent/support for compensating Reisenfeld? Does this decision appear to follow the golden rule guideline set forth in Chapter 2 (pp. 27 and 28)? Describe another example of an implied-in-fact or quasi-contract that you have experienced or is mentioned in the text.

·         Designer Baby (Scalisi vs. NY Univ. Medical Center, p. 429)

Why was the basis of the parent’s argument that they were not bound by the written contract in the Scalisi et al. v. New York University Medical Center case? How did the court rule and what was the reasoning for that decision. Do you agree or disagree. Why or why not?  Have you ever entered into an oral contract? Discuss.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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