What is the correlation for the equation

1.      What is the correlation for the equation you found in problem 98?


2.      What is extrapolation, and why shouldn’t we trust predictions using extrapolation?


3.      What is interpolation?


4.      What is a lurking variable?

5.      Why should we avoid using averaged data for regression and correlation?


6.      What is causation?  Give an example.


7.      What is common response?  Give an example.


8.      What is confounding?  Give an example.


9.      Why is a two-way table called a two-way table?


Use this table for questions 110–117:


                                                            Smoking Status

Education                                                            Never smoked                   Smoked, but quit             Smokes

Did not complete high school              82                                19                                113

Completed high school                                    97                                25                                103

1 to 3 years of college                         92                                49                                59

4 or more years of college                   86                                63                                37


10.  Fill in the marginal distributions for this table.



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31 Jan 2018
Due Date: 01 Feb 2018

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