Which screen provides a summary of impor

1. Which screen provides a summary of important company information? 
A. Company Information
B. Company Snapshot
C. Home Page
D. Company Center


2. In QuickBooks, how do you can enter transaction information? 
A. Onscreen forms and scanned images of transaction forms
B. Onscreen forms and QuickBooks reports
C. Onscreen Journal and scanned images of transaction forms
D. Onscreen Journal and Onscreen Forms


3. All of the following are one of the four main categories of transactions in QuickBooks except
A. Chart of Accounts
B. Customers
C. Vendors
D. Employees


4. Which of the following tasks is completed from the Banking section of the Home page? 
A. Enter credit card charges
B. Pay employees
C. Record bills paid
D. Record payments received from customers.


5. Which of the following tasks can be completed in the Vendor section of the Home page? 
A. Create Invoices
B. Create Estimates
C. Receive Inventory
D. Receive Payments


6. The Chart of Accounts can be accessed from which section of the Home page? 
A. Customer
B. Banking
C. Vendor
D. Company


7. To change a company name in QuickBooks, select the following from the Menu Bar: 
A. Company > Preferences
B. Home > Edit > Preferences
C. Company > My Company > Edit
D. None of these


8. Which of the following file types identifies a QuickBooks Portable file? 


9. Which one of the following activities is associated with the Customer section of the Home page? 
A. Pay sales tax
B. Enter bills
C. Record refunds and credits
D. Record inventory received


10. The Home page in QuickBooks consists of all of the following sections except: 
A. Employee
B. Lists
C. Customer
D. Vendor


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09 Feb 2018
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