________ can be used to study the relati

11. ________ can be used to study the relationship between two variables. A. Crosstabulation tables B. Frequency tables C. Cumulative frequency distributions D. Dot plots

12. A plot of the values of two variables is a _____ plot. A. Runs B. Scatter C. Dot D. Ogive plot

13. Which one of the following statistical tools is used with quantitative data? A. Bar chart B. Histogram C. Pie chart D. Pareto chart

14. A bar chart is a graphic that can be used to depict qualitative data. True False

15. According to Chebyshev's theorem, how many standard deviations from the range would include at least 80% of the values? A. 5.0 B. 2.2 C. 2.5 D. 1.6 E. 2.0

16. A disadvantage of using grouping (a frequency table) with sample data is that: A. Calculations involving central tendency and variation are more complicated than central tendency and variation calculations based on ungrouped data. B. The descriptive statistics are less precise than the descriptive statistics obtained using ungrouped data. C. The interpretation of the grouped data descriptive statistics is meaningless. D. It is much more difficult to summarize the information than it is with the ungrouped data.


17. If one intends to compare the relative variation between two samples involving two different quantitative variables with different measurement scales, then the most appropriate way is to compare the two samples: A. Standard deviations B. Variances C. Coefficient of variations D. Ranges E. Interquartile ranges

18. When using the Chebyshev's theorem to obtain the bounds for a 99.73 percent of the values in a population, the interval generally will be ___________ the interval obtained for the same percentage if normal distribution is assumed (empirical rule). A. Shorter than B. Wider than C. The same as

19. The local amusement park was interested in the average wait time at their most popular roller coaster at the peak park time (2 p.m.). They selected 13 patrons and had them get in line between 2 and 3 p.m. Each was given a stop watch to record the time they spent in line. The times recorded were as follows (in minutes) 118, 124, 108, 116, 99, 120, 148, 118, 119, 121, 45, 130, 118 What are the inner fences? A. 96.25, 138.25 B. 80.5, 154.00 C. 127.75, 138.25 D. 143.50, 154.00 E. 15.75, 31.50


In a survey of 550 randomly-selected college statistic students were surveyed on their impressions of their course, instructor and textbook. The results are as follows: Use the above results to answer the following questions: Compute a point estimate of the proportion of all college statistic students who:

20. Think that they had a "very ineffective" instructor A. 0.282 B. 0.136 C. 0.182 D. 0.280 E. 0.464

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