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You are the communications manager at a bike sharing startup called, RideZ, which employs 20 employees. Recently, a sales person tripped on icy slush in the office’s foyer and fell in front of clients who were arriving for a meeting. The accident has brought up a number of issues:

• No one has been assigned the duties for health and safety officer
• No employee has been trained in first aid to assist in treating minor injuries at work
• There was no procedure for accidents of this nature (who does what, when?)
• This kind of accident could happen again (slips, trips and falls are serious and these are the most common workplace injuries)

You have been tasked with writing an email to the other employees to address these issues. The purpose of the email is threefold. You must:

1. explain that there is a new policy and procedure that can be found on the company’s internal web site,
2. state who the new Health and Safety/First Aid Officer is and how to contact them (it should be you so use your name and fake contact information).
3. state that the building maintenance will be installing special slip resistant floor mats ASAP.

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13 Sep 2021
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