What is the biggest challenge faced by this generation of workers? What mak

our post and your replies do not need to be written in the form of an essay, but your first or second sentence should clearly introduce what your basic argument will be. Your post should be 350-500 words and your two replies should each be 150-200 words (300-400 words total). The word count includes your citations. Your post should reference at least one of our required readings or lessons. When you cite a source, you should use the APA format. This means that you should have an in-text citation, such as (Taylor and Rioux, 2018: 67), and then the full citation at the end of your post, such as:

Taylor, Marcus, and Sebastien Rioux. 2018. Global Labour Studies. Medford, Massachusetts: Polity Press.

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06 Oct 2023
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