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Review the following resources for this activity.

  • File: HUM250 Signature Assignment Final Draft Rubric (on Course Documents page)

Other resources:

  • E-book: All chapters
  • All Discover pages in all modules
  • Minimum of two outside resources


The Signature Assignment for HUM250 is an analysis of a particular work of art (i.e., a painting, movie, book, etc.) that connects to your career field. For example, the film Patch Adams explores how a doctor uses humor to communicate with and motivate his patients as part of his healing philosophy. Students need to draw conclusions between art and make it relevant to their professional lives.

You will need to complete the Signature Assignment in sections throughout the course.

  • Module 1: Brainstorm a topic for your assignment.
  • Module 2: Create an annotated bibliography.
  • Module 3: Create an outline for your Signature Assignment.
  • Module 5: The final draft is due.

Your Signature Assignment will consist of a paper on a topic linked to your program of study. Choose a topic that would be of interest to your future employer. This paper will be a part of your ePortfolio. Use this as an opportunity to show your analytical and communication skills which can be highlighted in your ePortfolio.

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