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Geography:  The word Geography derived from the Greek word ‘Ge+graphien’  Ge means earth and graphein means to write or draw collectively it means ‘to write and draw about earth’. Geography is the systematic study of the earth and its inhabitants and its phenomena. So we provide geography assignment help to our students who study in various universities of UK, US, Canada etc and other foreign countries.

 Geography is the study of places and relationship between people and their environments. A person who is an expert in geography is called geographer.

Geographers explore both the physical properties of earth’s surface and the human societies spread across it. They also examine how human culture interacts with the natural environments and the way that locations and the places can have an impact on people.

Geography can be classified into two parts:-

(1)   Physical geography.

(2)   Human geography.

Physical Geography:- Physical geography is the study of the natural environment. Geographers study following things under physical geography:-

·         Climate

·         Landform

·         Continents

·         Oceans

·         Soil

·         Rocks

·         Rivers

·         Mountains

·         Endogenetic Process.

·         Exogenetic Process.

Human Geography:- Human geography is the study of the human environment. It is the distribution of networks of people and cultures on earth’s surface. Following things are studied under Human geography:-

·         Population

·         Countries of the world

·         Land use

·         Agriculture

·         City

·         Industry

·         Energy

·         Pollution

·         Air pollution


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