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What is Management?

Management is planning, supervising and ascertaining of the three most important constituents of an organization called Man, Money, and Machine. Management carries on with harmonization of these very important elements with minimum consumption of accessible resources towards maximization of profits. Consequently, management is a word approximately expended for the sake of assuring everything and anything within the organization. It is looked up as the Human Idea being formulated by the Humans for the Human benefit.

The fundamental concept behind Management is to be aware of the personality and behavior of the people and the temperament of the organization, the money, and the capital demanded and how they both are interlinked so that the capital is handled professionally. As per the management’s people concept that has the maximum priority as it is an indispensable constituent in every organization and that only concentrated and devoted workforce can get together towards the organizational goals and objectives. Management does not only have an orientation to organizations or business performance but also has apprehension with the personal life of the time management, money management, and material management. Management instructs the effective consumption of minimum accessible resources.


1. Management assists to obtain the precise path and right pronouncement at right time. 

2. It contributes us with the extent, future and intention of dealing an organization and the employees and that in the most effective manner.

3. Management carries on well with handling and apt working of the process activities inside an organization.

4. This chiefly focuses on planning and calculation of every activity embarking on from operation, presentation, management, a personnel team for administration and to administer the operations effectively.

 Areas of Management

·      Business Law and Ethics: Under this field of study, it acquaints pupils of the established laws and ethics in the industry as Law and Ethics are predictable to run a highly regarded business.


·      Financial Management: Financial management lets in planning for the future of a business enterprise to pledge a hopeful cash flow. It incorporates the management and persistence of the monetary assets. In addition to this, an economic management comprehends the modus operandi of managing and distinguishing the risks.


·       Human Resource Management: The key rationale of human resources management is to hit a balance amid meeting the needs of employees and to see as to what best serves up the market-driven needs at the part of an organization. When found correct, the end result should be growth and affluence for both the individual employees and the organization as a whole.


·     Industrial Management: It is a branch of management which deals with people in industry, material, and energy contributing more towards production growth.


·       International Management: The prime decisive factor of Managing Information Technology is to preserve and administer all the technological resources of the firm according to its prerequisite and priorities.

·      Managing Information Technology: The prime decisive factor of Managing Information Technology is to preserve and administer all the technological resources of the firm according to its prerequisite and priorities.


·    Marketing Management: It is a field of study that enabled its pupils to be aware of an assortment of accomplishment and application perceptivity’s in look upon to marketing techniques.  In addition, marketing management involves management of marketing resources and activities.


·    Operations Management: Operations management understood to be one of the core disciplines of management that let in getting by and commanding on all of the foundation activities of an organization. It is held accountable for the adaptation of materials and labour into goods and services in the most competent manner so as to capitalize on the profits.


·      Project Management: Fundamentally, the Project Management defines the Project Plan, determines the budget, sets deadlines, checks and manages resources and also deals well with the project plan implementation.


·       Strategic Management: It deals with formulating, implementing, and assessing cross-functional decisions in order to lend a hand to an organization grow up and accomplish the desired goals.


 ·      Supply Chain Management/Operations Management: Supply chain management is the management of a network of interrelated businesses drawn in the eventual stipulation of product and service packages needed by end customers is a cross-function approach including managing the movement of raw materials into an organization toward the end-consumer.


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