Law case study

           The case study involves a detailed and intensive study of a particular unit. A case study can be about any individual, group, social phenomenon, and others. The case study finds out the factors which lead to the success of failure of an organization. The case study can be performed on different topics. The topics for the case study also include a law case study. 

           In a law case study, the discussion is made towards a case, and details are identified. Based on the case, details determined, and the decision made regarding the matter. Writing a case study is one of the crucial activities and must be performed by the person writing the case study. With the help of writing a case study, readers understand various essential aspects of the case study. Proper decisions can be made related to the case study. 


Law Case study

  1. Writing case brief: The first step regarding writing a case study is to write down the case brief. Here, a summary of the case is written. Based on the review of the case, the basics of the case are identified for making proper decisions related to the case. 
  2. Writing down essential points: About writing down of the critical points, one has to make sure that, the aspects such as case details, parties to the case and decision of the court are written down. While doing these procedures, it becomes easier for the individual to move forward with the case study in an effective manner. 
  3. Explain the main points of dispute: The next step is to write down the main points of the difference. The reason due to which conflict has arisen in the present case is written down for obtaining more information. 
  4. Highlighting the most relevant points: The next step is to highlight the most pertinent points. Highlighting the ends will help in identifying the areas in which the entire work is to be performed related to the case. 
  5. Legal rational to case study: The legal points regarding the case study are also to be identified in this situation. With the help of legitimate points, it shall be more comfortable to determine the legal opinion regarding the case. The decision of any claim is made based on legal advice. With the help of judicial notice, it becomes easier for the person to find out the result of the case. 
  6. Analysis of case scenario: The next point regarding the law case study is an analysis of the case scenario. Here, the decision is to be made regarding the case-related activities, and accordingly, the choice is made. With the help of proper decision making, it will be easier for the person to write the case to identify the main points relevant to the matter under consideration. 
  7. Stating the legal decision: The final point regarding the law case study is to say the judicial decision. It is the last step, and the court in this particular stage identifies the decision. The legal conclusion helps in finding out whether the entire case has been solved well or not. 


Essential concepts of Law Case Study

  1. Writing facts in Case Study: For writing events in a case study, it is essential to follow specific circumstances and procedures. Four points are to be written regarding writing facts in a case study. The points to be mentioned include the case name, court name, date of the decision, and the page number where the case appears. 
  2. Material Facts in a case: Material facts include the most critical information in a particular case. The material facts have directly related to the conflict underhand. As an example, in an argument about the murder of an individual, the substantial factors shall include the victim, place of death, any pieces of evidence identified, and other related facts about the case. 


Rules in Case Brief

There are specific rules to be followed in the course of working through a case brief. With the help of the identification of case briefs, it becomes easier for the person to write down the details of the case in an effective manner. The people apply the rule of law to find out the substantive rights of the parties. The reasoning is identified as the way wherein, the court makes the application of regulations and legal principles of particular facts of the case. The argument helps the judges to reach their decision. 

Finding out Rule for a Case

In a case, finding out any rule is one of the critical tasks to be performed. Regarding the provisions of the case, the court identifies the manner to be applied for resolving the issue. Rules are determined based on a generalization of holding of the case. The facts of the case are identified; the regulations regarding the incident are derived. 


How to Write a Case study

For writing a law case study, it is essential to ensure that individual basic material facts are identified. Based on the material facts, the case study helps in providing a proper understanding of how tasks are to be performed. In the law case study, the beginning shall be with the introduction and identification of significant problems of the case study. There should also be the inclusion of the thesis statement along with a formulated process. After the thesis statement, the relevant facts of the case, applicable laws, and decisions made by the court are mentioned. 


Elements of the Case Study

There are some aspects of a case study which must be taken into account. The first element is that there should be a story. The essential details of the case should be mentioned in the story. The second point is the identification of information and education related to the matter under consideration. The third element is to have concrete examples, and the fourth element is to have the right length of the case study. With incorporation, these elements do help in the overall procedure of finding out better ways of writing down the case study. 





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