ACC 305 Week 4 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Ashford University

ACC 305 Week 4 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

Week 4 - Discussion 2

FIFO/LIFO Inventory


Read Chapters 9 and 10.

Write: Make sure your response addressing the following question is more than 200 words and you include an in-text citation or a brief quote from the reading material where appropriate.

Explain the difference between the FIFO method of inventory valuation and the LIFO method. Which of these methods best approximates the physical flow of units for most companies? Explain.

Guided Response: You are required to respond in a substantive manner to at least two of your classmates’ postings by Day 7 to receive full discussion participation credit.


Students are expected to participate by actively engaging in weekly discussion forums. Please note that completing work in MyAccountingLab does not count as attendance.   

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