ACC 291 Week 3 Individual Assignment Wiley PLUS Orion Activity | Ashford University

ACC 291 Week 3 Individual Assignment Wiley PLUS Orion Activity | Ashford University 

Complete the following Week 3 Assignment in WileyPLUS. Access the

ORION assignment from the Assignment section within WileyPLUS.

You can continue practicing in ORION after you have completed the

assignment. ORION can be accessed from Read, Study & Practice.

·         Chapter 10 Orion Proficiency report

·         Chapter 11 Orion Proficiency report

Students need to answer a minimum of 40 questions per chapter in

ORION (20 for the diagnostic and 20 more from each of the ORION

chapter practice) and reach at least 20% proficiency in order to receive

any credit for the assignment. Skipped questions do not count toward

your question total for ORION. Refer to the Orion Student Best

Practices and Policies FAQs for additional information regarding how

the Orion Assignments are graded and how to complete the

assignment. The WileyPLUS points will be converted to the points

available noted in the UOPX Gradebook. The percentage score of

saved to the WileyPLUS Gradebook for a chapter will be applied to the

available 1.5 points to arrive at the points earned and recorded in the

UOPX Gradebook. Scores earned for Chapters 10 and 11 must be

saved to WileyPLUS Gradebook within 4 days of the due date to be

eligible to earn partial credit for these two chapters. It is the student's

responsibility to check to the number of attempts and scores saved to

the WileyPLUS Gradebook.


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