ASB-4521 Int’l Marketing Communication

ASB-4521 Int’l Marketing Communication

Answer any TWO questions


Q1. Discuss the conditions under which a message would go viral. Identify the four forms of viral marketing campaigns and provide an example of each (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2011). [1,000 word limit]




Q2. Compare and contrast the 4 main segmentation approaches. Discuss the importance of market segmentation for effective marketing communication. [1,000 word limit




Q3. Explain the role of Public Relations (PR) in the context of crisis management. Outline the steps that are necessary for crisis management to be successful. [1,000 word limit].




Q4. There are numerous forces in the global MarCom environment, including the economic, cultural, political/legal, competitive, technological, market, organisational, and demographic environments. Discuss the dimensions and international dimensions of the social environment. [1,000 word limit]




Q5. Outline the theory of planned behaviour (Ajzen 1991) and discuss its relevance to marketing communication. [1,000 word limit]

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