EDSPE 427 Week 10 Quiz | Assignment Help | University of Washington

EDSPE 427 Week 10  Quiz | Assignment Help | University of Washington

Week 10 Quiz


Question 1

Lack of knowledge or understanding of the RBT Ethics Code does not excuse unethical conduct


o   True

o   False



Question 2

What should an RBT do if their ethical responsibilities conflict with their employer policies?


o   Bring it to their supervisor's attention

o   Wait to see if the supervisor notices on their own

o   Document their efforts to resolve it

o   Document the resolution

o   Tell the client what's happening



Question 3

It is okay to accept gifts from clients, especially since this helps the relationship.

o   True

o   False


Question 4


You are working multiple jobs and going to school. You realize your mental health is suffering and therefore your job performance is suffering. The client's progress is deteriorating as a direct result of this.

Name the ethical code number you should consider (1 point) AND why this is important (1 point)


Question 5

You overhear an RBT telling a parent, "Don't worry! Henry will begin talking in no time! Soon, he might not even have autism!" You know that Henry is non-verbal.

Which ethical code did she violate?


o   1.13

o   1.10

o   2.06

o   3.01



Question 6

You are working as an RBT for a client in his home. You and mom are best friends so you don't ever mind doing his ABA sessions. Is this a violation of a multiple relationship? Why or why not?

1.06 - this is a multiple relationship because the RBT is employed to work with the child, and also has another relationship with mom.


Question 7

Your co-worker (an RBT) and you are chatting over coffee. She says that she can't stand one of her clients because he's "so annoying". She said she hates going to their house and sometimes just scrolls through social media during sessions.

This leaves you uncomfortable and you are pretty sure she is not adhering to the RBT Ethics Code. According to the Ethics Code, what do you do FIRST?


o   Report her to the BACB

o   File a complaint to her supervisor

o   Discuss this with her first (resolve informally)

o   Talk to your manager


Question 8

During ABA therapy, you and your client played outside. You had such a great time and mom took pictures. You tell her "share those with me!" and you post them on your Instagram. Is this an ethical violation? Why or why not?

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