MGT 380 Week 3 Quiz | ashford university

MGT 380  Week 3 Quiz | ashford university

Question 1

While on a business trip, Tim noticed that employees at the company he visited became nervous when he discussed a risky venture, and they deferred decisions to the highest-ranking person in the room. Which cultural dimensions best capture the company Tim visited?


A.      High uncertainty avoidance, high power distance   

B.      Low uncertainty avoidance, high power distance  

C.      High uncertainty avoidance, low power distance  

D.      Low uncertainty avoidance, low power distance



Question 2

Sara is able to move comfortably between cultures, shifting her own behavior to fit the local norms and expectations. Which of the following best describes Sara?


A.      The physical component of cultural intelligence  

B.      The physical component of emotional intelligence  

C.      The cognitive component of cultural sensitivity  

D.      The cognitive component of cultural intelligence


Question 3

Jack comes across as demanding and blunt, and some people consider him to be rude. However, he tends to take the lead in social situations and offers innovative solutions to problems. Which of the following DISC personality styles best describes Jack?  

A.      Influential  

B.      Dominant  

C.      Steady  

D.      Conscientious


The answer can be found in Section 7.1, The Communication Process Defined, in An Introduction to Leadership


Question 4

Southwest Airlines is known for emphasizing the value of employees, internal cooperation, and ownership. This is indicative of which type of culture?


A.      Clan 

B.      Achievement 

C.      Adaptive  

D.      Bureaucratic


Question 5

Ben is working with a remote group to complete a project. Which of the following tools would be most helpful in helping Ben’s group to communicate?


A.      YouTube channel  

B.      Email  

C.      Wiki  

D.      Cell phone technology


Question 6

Bill is very deliberate in his communications, making sure that he has all of the details before making a decision. He keeps his emotions stable and is described as a great listener. Which of the following DISC personality styles best describes Bill?  

A.      Dominant  

B.      Influential  

C.      Conscientious  

D.      Steady



Question 7

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the relationship between diversity and organizational outcomes?


A.      Emphasizing diversity keeps companies from facing legal problems but has very little additional impact on the organization’s bottom line.  

B.      Emphasizing the value of diversity often results in higher turnover for organizations.  

C.      Diversity has very little impact on a company’s ability to recruit and retain employees.  

D.      Having women on corporate boards is related to higher return on investment for the organization.



Question 8

Which of the following characteristics is NOT included in traditional models of diversity?


A.      Competency  

B.      Age 

C.      Disability  

D.      Pay level


Question 9

The following statements represent dimensions of organizational culture at Apple. Which statement is an example of expressed values and beliefs?  

A.      Black T-shirts worn by many senior-level executives  

B.      Open work space and natural lighting  

C.      The desire to create disruptive technologies  

D.      Simple furniture and architectural design



Question 10

Which of the following behaviors is NOT something Jan should do while receiving feedback from her team?  

A.      Summarize what she hears and ask for clarification.  

B.      Share her feelings about the feedback in order to validate the information.  

C.      Defend and justify her own behaviors.  

D.      Decide whether the feedback should result in either personal or professional change.


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