HRESGB273 Week 4 Quiz 2 | Mohawk College

HRESGB273 Week 4 Quiz 2 | Mohawk College

DO: Quiz 2 - covers chapters 3 (HR Technology), 4 (Job Analysis) and 5 (HR Planning) 

Question 1

Company High Tech has three branches across Canada and the US. Both locations are managed by one HR department. All employee data is fed in from each of the locations and updates a central database, which can be accessed by each of the locations in return. The HR database is also linked to their performance management system, payroll/benefits and attendance tracking system. This is an example of:  

·         relational database  

·         a paper-based system  

·         video conferencing  

·         an interactive database


Question 2

The process of systematically organizing work into tasks is involved in:  

·         job evaluation  

·         job analysis  

·         writing job descriptions  

·         organizational design  

·         job design


Question 3

A typical job analysis questionnaire has several:  

·         non—job-related questions  

·         open-ended questions  

·         questions regarding personal biographical data  

·         questions that can easily answered by “yes” or “no”


Question 4

Job analysis provides data on job requirements that can be used to develop:             

·         HR policies and procedures 

·         an organization chart 

·         a skills inventory

·         a job description. 

·         a staffing table.


Question 5

The most widely used method for determining the duties and responsibilities of a job is:  

·         a participant diary/log  

·         a survey questionnaire  

·         an interview  

·         direct observation.


Question 6

List of a job's duties, responsibilities, reporting relationships, and working conditions is known as:  

·         a position analysis  

·         the job standards  

·         a job specification  

·         a job description  

·         a job analysis questionnaire


 Question 7

A potential solution when labour demand exceeds labour supply is:  

·         job sharing  

·         finding employees alternative jobs within the organization  

·         work sharing  

·         hiring temporary workers  

·         laying off employees


Question 8

The plans a company makes to fill its most important positions are known as:     

·         succession plans  

·         replacement summaries  

·         replacement charts  

·         executive summaries


Question 9

The first step in the HRP process, after the HR implications of the firm's strategic plans have been analyzed, is:  

·         monitoring and evaluating the results.  

·         planning and implementing HR programs to balance supply and demand  

·         job analysis and design  

·         forecasting future human resources demand


Question 10

Which of the following is often used as a supplement to job postings to ensure that qualified internal candidates are identified and considered when vacancies arise?  

·         skills inventories  

·         a selection interview    

·         a telephone hotline  

·         an organizational chart

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