HRESGB273 Week 9 Discussion | Mohawk College

HRESGB273 Week 9 Discussion | Mohawk College

DO: Discussion 3 | Performance Appraisal

You just graduated from Mohawk College and joined a new private post-secondary school that was just formed 6 months ago as a Human Resources Assistant.  You report to the Human Resources Manager.  Your manager noted that there are no performance criteria in place to assess instructors.

Since you just completed your Mohawk studies and took a human resources management course, your manager asks you for some input on the criteria they should use to assess performance.


1.    List and define three performance criteria for the instructor position you think would be important to evaluate.

2.    How would you measure the instructor’s performance on each criteria so the results would be useful for pay raises and future employment opportunities?

3.    Using the performance appraisal methods discussed in the text, which one would you use to assess instructor performance? Why?

4.    Who do you think should be the appraisers of instructor performance?

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