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    EXP 105 Week 4 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University

    EXP 105 Week 4 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

    Question 1

    The adept mind is one that __________.


    o   Seeks the simplest way to complete a task.!

    o   carefully assesses information before making a decision

    o   looks for errors within assignments

    o   approaches changes using previously proven effective methods


     Question 2

    In evaluating your critical-thinking skills, you are likely looking for how often you __________.


    o   intentionally utilize questions to gain a deeper understanding of a subject

    o   follow examples that have been set for you by others when making decisions

    o   mirror your opinions based on what you have observed in your classes.

    o   seek a perspective that you identify with and are comfortable discussing



    Question 3

    Janice is making an effort to be actively engaged in her reading instead of simply skimming through it. She looks for pictures, graphs, and other areas of interest while reading. She also uses the highlighting tool of her e-book reading platform to highlight important sections. Janice is intentionally using her __________.


    o   Technical Reasoning

    o   Precision

    o   Sequence

    o   Confluence




    Question 4

    Which strategy can you use to help you refrain from plagiarizing?


    o   Use your Precision to cite your source even if you are not sure if you need to.

    o   Use your Sequence to develop a schedule that will allow you enough time to work on your paper and use accurate citations and references.

    o   Use your Confluence to take risks and show your unique thinking, and also use your Precision to support your position with sources that are properly cited.

    o   All of these are helpful strategies.


     Question 5

    Jeremy, whose __________ is Use First, reads his text in the same order: He reads the text, then the tables, and then the figures.

    o   Sequence

    o   Precision

    o   Technical Reasoning

    o   Confluence


     Question 6

    Faced with a timed test consisting of short-answer and essay questions, a person who is Use First for __________ will struggle most to overcome the desire to answer the questions in order.


    o   Sequence

    o   PrecisionYou Answered

    o   Technical Reasoning

    o   Confluence




    Question 7

    Jennifer is using her critical-writing skills to develop her assignment. She first creates an outline to structure her paper. She then begins writing her paper by stating her position on the topic. At this point in the writing process, Jennifer has used __________.


    o   Confluence and Precision

    o   Sequence and Confluence

    o   Sequence and Precisiono Answered

    o   Precision and Technical Reasoning


    Question 8

    Critical writing __________.


    o   primarily requires you to intentionally use your Avoid Patterns

    o   involves evaluating information and developing a well-supported conclusion

    o   only requires you to utilize your dominant Learning Patterns

    o   involves less work and effort than critical reading


     Question 9

    Carlos is getting started in his academic program. He prepares himself for class by reading the required materials and planning the time-management strategies he will use to complete his assignments. He then sets aside time in the evenings to work on his assignments, confident that he will be able to complete his work thoroughly and with integrity. Carlos has demonstrated __________.


    o   using poor time-management skills

    o   using critical writing to write his paper

    o   making defining decisions and principled choices

    o   taking credit for someone else’s work





    Question 10

    Bill is working on his discussion post that is due this week. He is tasked with taking a stance on a particular topic. He creates a step-by-step pattern of logical thought to defend his position, which is primarily using the __________.



    o   Sequence Learning Pattern

    o   Precision Learning Pattern

    o   Technical Reasoning Learning Pattern

    o   Confluence Learning Pattern



    Question 11

    What can help lead to more productive interactions with others?


    o   Metacognition

    o   Critical thinking

    o   Growth mindset  

    o   Self-regulation



    Question 12

    What plays a strong role in helping you identify and analyze the Patterns of others?


    o   Metacognition

    o   Critical thinking

    o   Growth mindset

    o   Self-regulation



    Question 13

    A strong thesis statement can give your reader an understanding of the big picture of your paper. Which Learning Patterns help you create a thesis statement?


    o   Confluence and Sequence

    o   Precision and Technical Reasoning

    o   Precision and Confluence

    o   Technical Reasoning and Confluence


     Question 14

    According to Week 4 Instructor Guidance, three skills every college graduate should possess are:


    o   Metacognition, critical thinking, self-regulation

    o   Self-regulation, critical reading, critical writing

    o   Critical thinking, critical reading, metacognition

    o   Critical reading, critical writing, critical thinking



    Question 15

    Students who are in college will inevitably become effective readers and writers.


    o   True

    o   False



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  1. EXP 105 Week 4 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford UniversityQuestion 1The adept mind is one that __________. seeks the simplest way to complete a task.!
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