LaSalle University Self-Check Quiz 4.1

Question 10.35ptsWhich one of the followings is NOT true about the Jewish people?Group of answer choicesThe term “Jews” came from Judah, one of the twelve sons of the patriarch, Jacob, in the Bible.The term “anti-Semitism” refers to hatred towards all people who speak Semitic languages which include Jews and Arabs.Jews are also called Israelites.Jews are also called “Hebrew.”Jews are called “Hebrew” which originates in the ancient term “Habiru” o......
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Elite Religion vs Popular Religion

First, opine your view if religion can be divided into elite and popular types. If true, then there will be no Buddhists or Hindus or Christians or Muslims, but “religious elites” and “religious commoners.” In other words, there are only two religions in the world, that is, elite religion and popular religion. Second, write if the elites can only obtain salvation/liberation (assume that the divine reality like Dharma or God exists) because the re......
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Religion in the News

Post thesummary of one recent news article, video, podcast, or other online media relevant to religion.Each summary should include a link to the article or resource. When selecting your article or resource, please consider the source and use good judgment. Also, in terms of news articles, please make sure the article is recent (within the last several weeks).Editorials are fine aswell. In cases of other media or resources not reporting on recent ......
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Religion 100 La Salle Week 3

Flag question: Question 1Question 10.35ptsMany scholars suggest that the best way of understanding Buddhism is to locate where Buddhism differs from Hinduism. Which one of the followings is NOT true about the difference between Hinduism and Buddhism?Group of answer choicesBuddhism is more communal than Hinduism in the sense that Buddhists form a religious community to help each other to attain liberation, while in Hinduism individuals are to purs......
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INFA 620Lab 1: UNDERSTANDING INTERNET PROTOCOLSIn order to detect or prevent network security breaches, you must understand the Internet protocols as well as the attacker does. The protocols originate from publicly available Requests for Comments, or RFCs. The official repository and publisher of all RFCs is the RFC Editor.The purpose of this lab is to practice locating and studying two key RFCs.(Feel free to consult any newer material on IP ......
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The Pizza Scooter Delivery Project Revisited

A large auto company has just completed the research and development (R&D) on a new product, the Electrobicycle. The Electrobicycle is an electronic, climate-controlled bicycle with zero emissions. The R&D efforts focused on developing the capability to utilize electricity to power bicycles. Ultimately, the auto company expects Electrobicycles to be popular for most urban citizens due to convenience and low cost.......
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Where do I start with this?

Assignment 3 HADM 315 I don't get the process can someone help me?I am very confused can someone help me our issue is burnout.Building on your understanding of community development, and what a community intervention must look like, design and describe the steps and processes of a participatory intervention that will address the community problem you have described.Integrate the use of at least five of the principles of community development.Appl......
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Disability humas resources

Part 1 1-2 pagesImagine you are a Human Resource manager for a large firm and that one of your employees has suffered a temporary disability. Answer the following questions:What laws apply to temporary disability at the workplace?Under what general circumstances is the employee entitled to benefits?What are those benefits and who administers them?Part 2 1-2 pagesUsing the Library or other Web resources, identify and describe a scenario that invol......
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Drone Case Study Project Initiation Document

Drone Case Study Project Initiation DocumentWilmont’s is a fictional top‐ranked U.K. retail pharmacy company based in Milton Keynes with more than 1,000 stores nationwide and employing more than 4,000 people overall. The company has engaged in several innovative business practices, and now they are once again secretly considering breaking ground with an even newer concept—delivering prescriptions and drugstore items by flying drone.The concept is......
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employment law disabilities act and age releated rights

Part 1 2-3 pages The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was designed to protect workers with disabilities against employer discrimination. In actual practice, how well does the Act achieve this goal? Explain. Support your answer with examples from recent court decisions. Part 2 1-2 pages Using the Library or other Web resources, identify and describe a case in which an employer's activiti......
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Political Science Questions

Go to website page for bills that have been made into law(Links to an external site.)for the current Congress.(Note:This is not a government website, you can also go to an external site.)). Click on a title of a law that interests you.Create a summary of the goal of this lawin your own words.Use the following following questions to summarize how your legislation got passed:Who introduced the legislation? What p......
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GEN103: Information Literacy

Scholarly peer-reviewed articles are deemed credible because they are reviewed by experts in the field before they are published. However, it is important to evaluate the quality of information in these sources to ensure they meet your information needs.This discussion requires you to evaluate the scholarly source you selected in the Week 2 Exploring Scholarly and Popular Sources assignment. You will use this source to support the Week 5 Wikipedi......
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